High-speed Wi-Fi at events

Tasnet will help organize a high-speed WiFi network at events of any complexity, anywhere.

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Monetize Wi-Fi at events

Show video ads to event guests while connecting to Wi-Fi, brand the authorization page to match the style of the company or sponsors, study the audience and automate data collection using mobile Wi-Fi from Tasnet.

Mobile Wi-Fi for any number of users

Fast design and installation from 24 hours

High Internet speed up to 1000 Gb/s

Uninterrupted network operation with an unlimited number of users

Dedicated network for administration and other tasks

Rental of Wi-Fi equipment and peripherals

Video surveillance and video security of events

Guest registration and data collection system

Organization of Internet access in any technically possible conditions

How do we work?

You submit an aplication

We calculate the cost and terms

We deliver, install and set up equipment

We will monitor the quality of the network during the event

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